From the recording LIKE I NEVER HAD A BAD DAY

produced by Magro & glibs


Got hair like a wolf Fast as a bolt Run a whole mile Just under 4
I got the pull This not my soil
I got the shine No tin foil
That is my ride Yea it’s a foreign My driver gon drive Just like it’s stolen My bitch gonna ride Like ima damn horse This my world
I’ll give you a tour
Cross me one time Turn ya to ghost Shit on my mind
I gotta cope Getting real high Smoking the dope I been real low That’s how it go Need a pretty bitch Like Rubi Rose All white fit
Got lost in the snow Watch how I do it Baby girl ima pro
Say you really love me well Only God knows
Only God knows Only God Knows I can't trust no
I can't trust no
I can't trust no
Do you really love me Take away the money I can’t trust nobody Tat that on my body Girl I think you got me I can't trust your body I can't trust nobody Tat that on my body
Trail blazer
Like louis and clark Never gave up
Ever since the start
Told me i’m cute
But she like it in the dark Fucking this good is a lost art Pussy so wet need lifeguard Suck it all up
She a try hard
When she take that nut Take my heart ah