Prevailing from small town midwest, artist glibs is a one of a kind, enigma of the likes we’ve never seen before. Vocalizing and emceeing barely scratch the surface of what the talented artist brings to any setting he’s present in. Producer, composer, songwriter, instrumentalist make glibs a multi-dimensional talent at the young age of 24. With just under a decade of prolific activity to his name, glibs has already amassed well over 15 million streams across platforms. Hip-Hop may be the foundation of glibs’ art, but his ability to stretch his arms into other sounds and genres, make him accessible to everyone, but complex enough to have the listener recounting lines and tracks from the extensive discography. After spending 2022, traveling and building with other like-minded people around the world, glibs’ has taken the universe by storm with his latest release ‘Like I Never Had a Bad Day’. For now let’s go back and see how the California mastermind came to be. 

Glibs had an organic genuine interest in music at the young age of 5, when he gravitated toward the piano. This led to him taking piano lessons where he was classically trained, laying the building blocks of the foundation we see in the artist’s work today. Music notation, music theory, sight reading, playing by ear were just a few of the lessons glibs picked up along the way. Glibs would take things into his own hands when he began covering songs he heard on the radio and yet another domino fell as glibs began composing his own music. Fast forward to high school and the young prodigy was introduced to SoundCloud and the universe of electronic music. “Inspiration was at an all time high for me at this point,” glibs explains, “and I knew what was next for me.” The midwest artist purchased a midi-keyboard which came equipped with a DAW out of the box. From there glibs went to work, programming drums, creating piano beats but this eventually evolved into glibs making his own arrangements. “It was over a year that went by of me learning how to produce before I felt inspired to pick up a microphone and start experimenting with my voice,” glibs says. After years of learning and soaking up knowledge the Los Angeles prodigy has developed his own sound and amassed an audience along with it. 

The small town artist has to be one of the most versatile acts of our time with the ability to weave in and out of sounds at ease. Keep in mind that in most cases, glibs is producing, composing and playing the instruments at hand. His discography is as vast as the universe with glibs’ authenticity taking center stage over a variety of soundscapes. While glibs’ defines himself as a hip-hop artist, the inspiration from other genres shines through in every track. Whether it’s his debut project ‘Just A Kid’ where you can hear an artist really harnessing their voice, or the genre-bending collaboration with Koezi ‘Playtime’, glibs shines regardless of the arena. When combined with his raw and open vulnerability it is impossible not to fall in love and relate to the musings of a human being expressing themselves through their organic and genuine genius. “This is about documenting my life through music and that’s what’s kept me motivated to create so much over the years,” glibs explains. 

Here we are in 2023 and as glibs approaches a decade of creating, at age 24 he’s already hit a number of milestones. We already mentioned the 15 million streams across platforms, but the fact that this is spread across different phases of glibs’ career showcases his ability to grow as an artist while grabbing supporters' ears. It doesn’t stop there as glibs has taken his 11 album discography on the road and worked alongside some of music’s finest. Between taking over LA and performing at the likes of The Lexington, Bootleg Theater, Highland Park Bowl, between Soulection features and cosigns from the likes of DeJ Loaf, glibs’ imprint is being left and will only get bigger. Over the last year or so, glibs has been traveling and exposing himself to new locales and cultures, still harboring the same love for art, music and experimentation as he did when he picked up the piano at age 5. Doing interviews in Kenya, traveling from city to city to work with fellow collaborators, holding it down in LA, all while creating and eventually releasing his latest effort in ‘Like I Never Had a Bad Day’. His 11th project, glibs again pushes himself to be even more raw, open and vulnerable over spacey, atmospheric self-production. There’s nothing glibs can’t do, now’s the time to get dive into the profound and vast discography before enigmatic artist inevitably hits your city.