1. 123

From the recording LIKE I NEVER HAD A BAD DAY

produced by glibs


She fill me up
Ask if I could get a lil pussy for breakfast
She make a man weak if he aint on his best shit
I gotta stand tall God this woman a blessin
I fill her up
Rock hard dick all up in her intestines
She run and tell her friends who that pussy beyond to Ima make her cum it’s as easy as
1, 2, 3
4, 5, 6
It’s no question she know im the shit
It’s no question she lovin my stick
Ima go down, give that cat a lil lick
Got her screaming out like she throwin a fit Gotta cover up her mouth if she gettin too loud Give it too her good make see some shit
Give it too her good so she can’t forget
Rollin up a wood we get so damn lit
Always known that I could so I went for it Reaching for the stars or the furthest planets Setting off on my journey never goes how you plan it Never goes how you plan it
It ain't go how i planned it
Got me feeling so light Baby take it home oh Like I never had a bad day Baby let me take you, up Fucking in the moonlight I'm fucking you so right Fucking in the moonlight Fucking you so right Right, right
Right, right
Right, right