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Timbuktu - Instrumental Album - 11.29.19

Produced and Arranged by: glibs, Jacuzzi Mane

Written by: Matthew R. Bagnall, Maximillian Beers

Mixed and Mastered by: Charles Scovill

Nonchalant - EP - 3.1.19

Performed by: glibs

Written, produced, and arranged by: Matthew R. Bagnall

Artists featured: Koezi

WATCH (feat. Koezi) - Single 11.1.19

Performed by Koezi & glibs

Produced by Jacuzzi Mane & glibs

Mixed and Mastered by Charles Scovill

Neptune - 9.28.18

Performed by glibs

Written, produced and arranged by Matthew R. Bagnall

Featuring Artists: CjayQ, Daylan Hill

Additional production credits: Jacuzzi Mane