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With his gift for turning life experiences into blissed out electronica, LA based producer/songwriter glibs is making his mark on the modern music landscape. He has explored everything from radio ready pop to laid back chill-wave on his 8 independent releases, and at only 20 years old he is just getting started.

Born Matthew Bagnall, the young artist first started making music growing up in the midwest. While splitting his time between small towns in Wisconsin and Iowa, he found a window to the world through music. From the shimmering technicolor pop of Elton John to world conquering hip-hop of Kanye West, Bagnall took it all in while quietly readying himself to create his own universe through music. His opportunity finally came when a friend introduced him to FL studios. Suddenly he was able to bring the sounds in his mind to life. In 2015 he uploaded a few tracks to SoundCloud, launching what would go on to be a prolific recording career.

Calling himself glibs, he released his debut full length ‘Just A Kid’ in 2016. Writing, producing, and mixing the album himself, he released it on his own newly founded label, Unaffiliated Records. He quickly followed this up with ‘Sweet Dreams.’ Having just graduated from high school, he followed his dreams to Los Angeles where he now studies music at the California Institute Of The Arts. Inspired by his new place in the center of the music industry, he teamed with Charlie Scovill for the mixing work to make ‘Scatterbrained,’ a major artistic step forward. His momentum continued with several more releases, including the 5 track EP ‘Nonchalant,’ prominently featuring Bagnall’s evocative singing voice as well as his hypnotic production.

With a rapidly growing catalog and constantly expanding sonic palette, glibs has put himself in position to be a major player for years to come. He is currently preparing the release of new music for 2020 and beyond.

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